It is in honor of


Kuhina Nui Ka'ahumanu

that we draw our inspiration for the Inaugural

Women’s Waimea Bay Championship.

Born on the island of Maui in the 18th century, Queen Ka'ahumanu redefined the perceived roles of Hawaiian women. Defying the Kapu system’s strict separation of men and women, this strong Hawaiian monarch and surfer sat at the table and dined beside the king. With all the chiefs and priests to bear witness, she was not struck down by the gods, no lighting came from the sky, and with this one public act set forth a ripple of change.

In this spirit we wish to sit at the table, to humbly showcase the raw beauty found in the giant surf of Waimea Bay, and to demonstrate the strength and grace of the women who ride her waves.


Our holding period begins October 1st. The event takes place on the day that brings us big, beautiful ocean swells reaching wave heights of up to 40 feet. 


Now we wait for the bay to make its transformation into a wild and formidable frontier. Follow along with us as we make surfing history.